Need to jot my thoughts down more. I’ve been slacking!

First post in 2 years. I continue to eat good food wherever I travel and see as much live music as possible. Nothing has changed and life is good.

I’m almost done with my graduate degree. Finished 2 internships at huge companies. Now I’m working full time in a Project Manager role at one of the companies I interned at.

It’s good to see progress!

Concert Updates…Will I post pics and write about em? Who knows. Probably not.

2013 – 2014 [In no order]

  • Toro Y Moi (Amazing show. Not what I expected at all)
  • John Legend (It was everything I dreamed of)
  • Mayer Hawthorne (3 times – Better and better)
  • Lupe Fiasco (FINALLY, left a little disappointed.)
  • Regina Spektor (Holy shit she is talented)
  • Kina Grannis (my 3rd time seeing her now?
  • OUTKAST (They still got it…going to see them a SECOND time on 9/27)
  • Thievery Corporation (Made a road trip to D/C since I missed them in Atlanta. What an amazing show. Will be seeing them again April 2015 with Snoop Dogg and 311!!!!!)
  • Rob Garza (9/11)
  • Kings of Leon
  • Young the Giant
  • Krewella
  • Killer Mike
  • Michael Buble (This guy can freakin’ sing)
  • YTF Crew (All the famous YouTubers!)
  • Kimbra
  • Foster the People
  • Incubus
  • One Republic
  • Turquoise Jeep
  • CHILDISH GAMBINO 3x (Best Hip Hop Concert ever? Maaaan actually Outkast is up there too now haha)
  • New Orlean’s Preservataion Jazz Hall (An absolute HONOR to be able to see them performing live- these guys are the real deal)
  • Christian Scott (Atlanta Jazz Festival Headline- A delight to see him perform)
  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Nobuo Uematsu (Distant Worlds & Zelda Orchestra)
  • Raury
  • Lykke Li
  • Ed Sheeran – surprisingly AWESOME
  • Beyonce & Jay-Z (Need I say more? Beyonce has superstar status on stage. I had chills)

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head but I’m sure there is more 🙂


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