Meeting the Legend.

A little thing about me: I love R&B (the nasty kind). There are lots of great R&B artists like D’angelo, R Kelly, and Usher but none of them come close to my idol John Legend.

John Legend performing at Georgia State University

I admittedly have a major man crush on John Legend. I’m quite jealous of how debonair he is and how he just oozes confidence and charm. Legend’s style of R&B is sultry but manages to keep itself sophisticated & classy. This man is the epitome of class.

When I found out John Legend was coming to Georgia State as a guest speaker and performing tears welled up in my eyes out of pure excitement from the news. I immediately alerted a few friends and cleared my calendar for that day (I was not going to miss this for anything).

Once we arrived at GSU I ran into my friends (who collectively run the Chasingsquirrelz crew; A bunch of great young professionals that make up of photographers, film makers, graphic artists, and nerds). We all got in line and anxiously waited for the doors to open. At that point I was incredibly anxious. When the doors opened I think I wet my pants a little.

Once inside and introductions are over John Legend took the stage. He started off the show by explaining his new campaign he has taken apart of; the “Show Me Campaign.” In a nutshell the campaign is to help enrich the lives of people living in poverty by giving them opportunities to succeed. You can read more about it here.

John Legend explaining the details of the “Show Me Campaign.” A campaign set out to help young people change the world.

Then came the part we were all waiting for. John Legend slowly walked toward the piano and the audience got louder and louder as he neared it. It was time!

My husband doing his thang.

Hearing him perform live was amazing. His skills on the piano and smooth voice had me swooning the entire time. He really played to the crowd and encouraged audience participation. After the show concluded the meet & greet session began. I briefly had the chance to talk to him and shook his hand (I don’t really remember what I said since I was so nervous. Probably just incoherent babble). For the remainder of that MONTH I was buzzing about it. One of the biggest highlights of the year for me 🙂

John Legend and I. I was aroused.

I want to give a BIG thanks to the guys at Chasing Squirrelz for the photos and video! These guys create some amazing stuff. Check out their website and twitter.