31 Days of Jazz – The 2012 Atlanta Jazz Festival.


I have a slight obsession with Jazz. It’s a musical art form that has galvanized me into really appreciating all the nuances of music. Since my obsession started in 2001 (When I first heard “Tank” by The Seatbelts) I’ve learned that Jazz comes in many flavors: From a romantic tune so intimate that you’re ready to make whoopee to a boisterous jam that’s so arrhythmic you can’t help but just move your feet and jive.

April 30th marked the first ever international Jazz Day (which was a huge success thanks to Herbie Hancock!!). What better way to kick off the “31 Days of Jazz” for the month of May!! Every day this month there will be live Jazz events all over the city where you can go enjoy the amazing music, learn about the history of Jazz, and meet the musicians! Here is a link to the calendar featuring all the events for the month.

All these performances culminate to the Atlanta Jazz Festival (May 26-28th) at Piedmont Park. Three days of some AWESOME Jazz by notable performers and new-comers! If you’re a Jazz enthusiast or a normal cat who wants some diversity you cannot miss this event!


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