Some concerts I’m looking out for in 2012~

A few concerts coming in the next few months that I’ll most likely be attending…

JIMI CRAVITY – VINYL / Feb 2, 2012 (tickets)

  • Great band I’ve come to know through a college friend (She is a guitarist and supporting vocalist in the band). I really enjoy watching them live and they have an incredible energy that they just can’t seem to replicate on the album.

John Legend – Georgia State University / February 20, 2012 (Free event!)

  • This guy. I freakin’ love everything John Legend does. One of the most debonair and suave dudes on the planet & one of the best R&B artists ever. I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Legend. If you don’t know him yet do yourself a favor and google him up.
  • The song “Ordinary People” got me hooked and I haven’t stopped listening since. His play on words, vivid imagination, and sexuality show through his witty lyrics and smooth voice. Oh, he also plays piano. Enough said.

Childish Gambino – Tabernackle / March 16, 2012 (tickets) — I just tried to buy some tickets and I think they are sold out. NO!!!

  • I recently found out about Donald Glover through some friends. I cannot believe I’ve overlooked him for this long. His play-on-words and intelligent lyrics put him high above many other rappers in my book.

Kina Grannis – Variety Playhouse / April 17, 2012 (tickets)

  • I have a really strange/creepy devotion to this woman. SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!












Madeleine Peyroux –Variety PlayhouseMay 18, 2012 (tickets)

  • An Athens, Ga native! I have this tendency to show off my “Jazz knowledge” by naming songs or artists whenever we go out to places. For the longest time Madeleine Peyroux has always confused me with Billie Holiday. She sounds EXACTLY like her (I only realize it was Madeleine since I always double check my assumptions using the Shazam app)
  • I’ve been looking forward to see some great Jazz performances in 2012 and Madeleine is definitely one on my list. Her voice is so bizarrely unique and astonishing that I can’t pass this up.



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