High Museum. Some Jazz with my Picasso/Warhol exhibit

High Museum currently has a huge exhibit right now lasting until the middle of April.

It’s called “Picasso to Warhol” and it features a plethora of legendary artists such as Giorgio de Chirico, Piet Mondrain, Jackson Pollock, and of course Picasso & Warhol.

The High also does Jazz concerts every 3rd Friday of the month so I meticulously planned my visit to happen on Oct 21 (The exhibit opened on the 15th). Seeing as how this was my first Jazz concert I wasn’t really sure what to expect…

When I arrived at The High I came expecting to spend about $20 for the ticket. Luckily for me it was only $5 with my student I.D! Once I got my ticket I decided to see the Picasso-to-Warhol exhibit last. I ventured off into the Museum for the second time in my life and saw a lot of familiar art…(Picture below!)

When I finally arrive at the final exhibit I immediately noticed how much more beefed up the security was here! It was really difficult to get pictures!! All the art was absolutely fantastic to look at. I particularly enjoyed Giorgio de Chirico’s work…reminded me a lot a particular Japanese artist I am fond of.

After exploring the entirety of the Museum I make my way back down to the main lobby and see a line of people waiting for the Jazz concert to begin. I hope into line and mingle with the people around me. After talking to some of the people in line and looking around at my surroundings something becomes more and more apparent.

I am the youngest person here. Oh well.

Band eventually sets up and we have a speaker from 91.9 WCLK JAZZ FM introduce the audience to the band. I also found out that Atlanta is one of 9 cities left with a 100% Jazz only radio station. Hearing that lit a smile on my face!

Once introductions were done it was time to jam…and JAM THEY DID!!! The music fluctuated between smooth to funky. I loved every minute of it. Whenever one of the band members went into a improvised solo I just couldn’t help but tap my foot a little harder and smile a little bigger. I was in a beatific state!

I left the concert feeling pretty awesome. An evening of Jazz & Art was a great way to start my weekend. I think I’m going to be a regular at these Jazz sessions now…

Enjoy the pictures!


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