Great list of good eats in Atlanta!


I stumbled upon this post on and the users provided a great list of places to eat in Atlanta! I’ll just snip a little bit and post it here but please check out the post for more ideas!

The amazing list blow was created by Reddit user : DAVENP0RT


(Area west of I-75, north of Downtown, runs along Marietta St)

Ormsby’s – A restaurant/bar with bocce ball, darts, and skeeball. Good food, great beer, and tons of people to talk to. Actually met some Brits there a few weeks ago, we had a drunken blast.

Antico Pizza and Pasta – Generally considered to be the best pizza in Atlanta. First come, first serve seating. Bring your own booze.

Der Biergarten – German restaurant, serves traditional German dishes and beer. I recommend the Jägerschnitzel, it’s amazing.

Little Five Points

(Area east of Downtown, centered around the intersection of Moreland, McClendan, and Euclid Ave)

The Porter – Some of the best pub food I’ve ever had, along with a great selection of beer.

Savage Pizza – Another great pizza place. Super eclectic, serves good beer.

Wrecking Bar Brew Pub – Fairly new joint, brews and serves their own beer. Home of the BEST short rib I’ve ever had in my life.


(Area north of downtown, centered around the intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree Rd)

Dantanna’s – Fancy-ish restaurant across from Lenox Mall. Seafood is its speciality, but I enjoy going with a few guys to have scotch and cigars in the cigar lounge in the back of the restaurant.

Hashiguchi, Jr. – Great authentic Japanese restaurant, located right below Dantanna’s. Cramped, smells like fish, and serves some of the best food I’ve ever had.


(Area at the intersection of North Highland and Virginia St)

Moe’s and Joe’s – Cheap, fun bar. Famous for $3.25 pitchers of PBR on Tuesday nights. I always have a blast with groups of people there.

Fontaine’s – Oyster house and seafood restaurant, definitely serves the best Oyster Rockefeller I’ve ever had.

George’s Burgers – Personally, my favorite burger in Atlanta. I’ve been dozens of times, ordered nearly every burger on the menu, and never been disappointed.

East Atlanta

(Area directly east of Downtown, directly north of I-20)

Graveyard Tavern – Beer, beer, liquor, and more beer. Not classy at all, just a great place to have fun.

I’m not very familiar with this area, but I know there’s a lot of great places. I’m sure other folks can fill in the gaps.


(Area far east of Downtown, but inside of I-285)

Brick Store Pub – Arguably the best beer bar in the Southeast. Great food, even better selection of beer, caters to a large following of beer connoisseurs and foodies alike. Definitely a place to check out.

Twain’s Billiards and Tap – Bar and game room. Lots of pool tables, darts, and table shuffleboard. Fun place for big groups.

Leon’s Full Service – Foooooood. And good food, at that. Don’t plan on engaging in any activity afterward, you’ll be miserable from overeating.


(Area between Downtown and Buckhead.)

Cyprus Street Pint & Plate – Good food and beer, a favorite of Redditors. We do trivia here every Wednesday at 8 p.m.

The Vortex – Booze and burgers, that’s pretty much the crux. Their Little Five location is more famous, but I prefer the one in Midtown, personally.



Sensational Subs – Easily the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously, they have to put crack in the mayonnaise or something. Also, super cheap pitchers. Only open on weekdays from 11 to 7, so definitely check it out for lunch.

Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup – If you’ve never had Vietnamese, this is a great place. Interesting, to say the least.


Some other notable places to chow down at:

  • One Midtown Kitchen
  • Two Urban Licks
  • Flip Burger! (I’ll be going here soon!)

Also check out Creative Loafing’s best “Oral Pleasures” list of 2011! Huge list of some of the best places to dine in Atlanta!


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