Anime Weekend Atlanta Sept 30th – Oct 2nd

AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) is an annual three-day anime convention held in Atlanta! Currently the biggest anime convention in the south-east! AWA 2011 marks my 5th (and probably last) year attending the convention. This years AWA was by far the most entertaining one ever for me and a lot of my friends. A mix of the right people, luck, and some good drinks really set the tone for the weekend. The laughter just never ended…

I originally planned on driving back and forth to the convention every day but luckily for me my friend reserved a room! This drastically changed my experience to say the least.

Since we were staying the full weekend my friend and I decided we would pack some drinks and snacks. We decided to go to the Cobb International Farmers Market to grab our refreshments and also grab lunch! The cafeteria in the farmers market offered Japanese / Chinese / Korean cuisine there; I decided to opt for the Korean food since I am still relatively new to the cultures cuisine.

I was greeted by two elderly Korean women who were the sweetest old ladies ever! The woman who took our order smiled the whole time and just beamed with a warm radiance. It was delightful just standing around her. I finally decided to try the bulgogi plate. It’s a simple dish that consist of rice, marinated beef, and the usual Korean side dishes (pickled vegetables).

Once I received the food and took the first bite I immediately fell in love. The flavor of the beef was perfect! Slightly spicy & perfectly marinated. An absolute delight to eat! The onion and garlic helped bring out the intensity of the flavor in the beef! It had a very distinct taste and I could tell the meat was grilled with some real passion!!

After lunch we scrounged up our supplies and ran finally left to Cobb Galleria!

When we arrive we are greeted by some neat food trucks outside (I’m a huge fan of these!). The outside of the galleria was quite busy since all the con-goers were moving in and attempting to get settled into the hotels.

Once we enter the galleria we see a decent amount of people wandering around the main lobby taking photo’s and mingling around with fellow cosplayers/otakus.

After some exploring we check into the hotel room on the 12th floor. Not much to discuss about the room itself so I’ll just post a few pictures…

After we unpack we start to explore the convention! Mind you this was on friday so it wasn’t that packed (Saturday would have a plethora of people). Immediately I run into a bunch of my buddies from Tennessee and Georgia! We venture around the con together and first place we stop by was one of the game rooms. This year at AWA they introduced ARCADE CABINETS! I was so ecstatic to see these! They had some old school fighting games and shoot ’em ups! Of course I spent a large chunk of my time here whenever there was any sign of down time…

 After venturing around the convention we head to the dealers room! This is the place to spend your hard earned cash! Here you can buy over priced clothing, cosplay accessories, figures, DVDs, adult material, art books, original art, you name it. I grabbed some buttons for my arcade stick and a T-shirt for my little sister…nothing else really caught my attention. Well except for the mousepads with boobs of course…

 After the dealers room we grab dinner and hastily return back to the convention so I can attend the Street Fighter 4 tournament. Last year I made second out of 64 and I was hoping I could place first this year! Unfortunately, I made it fifth but I had a great time and I met a lot of the regulars in the fighting game community scene. Remix from New York came down and he was cool as heck! I also got to meet the voice actor who does Balrog in the street fighter games. He was also an awesome guy who had tons of energy!

 Once the tournament concluded the real festivities began. A ton of my friends showed up throughout the night we started to get a little crazy 😀

For the sake of time I will just post one picture to describe the epicness of AWA. Mind you this was only day 1…

Thanks for reading 😉


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