Atlanta related Twitter accounts!

Here is a list of some Twitter accounts that you might want to follow to stay in the loop with Atlanta!



@PlazaAtlanta (Independent film cinema)

@cypressstreet (Bar in Midtown)

@cl_Atlanta (Creative Loafing~ Great twitter to follow)


@kasimreed (Mayor of Atlanta)

@cat_lanta (popular street artist in Atlanta…been buzzing around lately)

@thekingofpops Awesome popsicles, tweets of new flavors and locations


@midtownpatch Local news and events

@cl_atlfreestuff Free tix and stuff from creative loafing

@scoutmob – Deals and tips on the hip stuff

@AtlantaInMotion Atlanta happenings, news, reviews, and opinions





@ATLStreetFood We are a not-for-profit organization with one mission: Bringing Atlanta’s thriving restaurant community into the streets via food carts and trucks.









@losersalwaysw1n lifestyle blog (limited edition clothing brand), for artist, skaters, gamers, ecentrics, musicians, nerds and all those things people like to call losers

@chasinsquirrelz Chasing Squirrelz Inc. is an Atlanta based multimedia production company specializing in vibrant, custom cutting edge photography and video. (Great guys, I cannot begin to tell you how talented these men are)

When I have time I’ll come back to this post and organize it and categorize the twitter accounts by food/music/deals/events/etc~~


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