Okay, I have a confession to make. The only C.D I have ever purchased was “Make Yourself” by Incubus (and It was a used copy!). I vividly recall seeing the music video “Stellar” when I was a young lad in middle school. I fell in love with the song and wanted to learn so much more about the band. So it just so happens that I run into an older 8th grader who had the Incubus C.D and I pleaded him for the disc! I eventually got to buy it and it was my soundtrack for the next few years of my life (I kid you not but I listened to that C.D exclusively until the Napster revolution took off) I had every song memorized off the album and became a devout fan of the group. I watched as “Drive” became the giant mega hit that drove Incubus into mainstream popularity (even though I thought there were much better songs off them album!). My ex-girlfriend and I both loved them and “Stellar” became our song. I discovered new albums and learned all those songs too…

Incubus meant a lot to me.

Many years later I finally have the opportunity to see them live. This past weekend (Sept 17th) Incubus stopped by Atlanta and performed at the Verizon Amphitheatre. I got two tickets about 2 months in advance for the concert; I couldn’t risk them selling out and me missing the show. I got two tickets in the hopes of a date but…..well let’s just say I decided to bring my sister in the end… hoho!

We arrive at the amphitheatre parking which was about a half a mile away from the actual concert venue. This was my first time here so I didn’t know how many people were going to show up. When I finally arrive at the venue I am in awe at the staggering amount of people (and we arrived rather early). Thousands of people….so much in fact that there seemed to be thousands more sitting on the grass behind all the rows of seats (out door concert!). As my sister and I took our seats we were surrounded by older white guys who seemed fit the fraternity stereotype. My little sister was a bit intimidated at first but luckily for us these guys were awesome and treated my sister very well! They sparked up conversation with us and were always lively keeping us and everyone around hyped up for the concert. As we anxiously awaited Incubus to take the stage I ran and grabbed a beer and bought a poster to remember the concert.

When I came back to my seat my sister brought to my attention that there was a foul odor in the air. I chuckled to her and told her that was the smell of marijuana and that she would be smelling a lot of it tonight at the concert.

The Performance

When Incubus came on stage the audience let out the most thunderous yells and woos I’ve ever heard in my life. I had goosebumps from the amount of energy the audience was giving. The weather was perfect, I had a beer, I was with my sister, and the energy was so contagious. I knew it was going to be an amazing night.

They opened with Megalomaniac. We all go crazy and Incubus sets the tone for the energy that night. Electrifying. They continue performing great songs such as Privilege, Wish You Were Here, Promises Promises, Anna Molly, Crow Left of the Murder, and tons more…but, when Drive came on everyone lost their marbles. Everyone went wild and starting to sing a long and we finished the song off for Brandon Boyd! I had chills run down my body from that performance.

Some bands absolutely suck live but Incubus retained their sound. It was amazing how well they sounded live! The lights were perfectly orchestrated with the music and I really enjoyed how the live camera’s were used to display the band on the big screens (The live feed of the video would go through a filter for some really neat special effects)! After Incubus left the stage we all cheered and got an encore performance! Overall the length of the concert was a bit on the shorter side but I still loved every second of it. I’m glad to have had shared this moment with Incubus, thousands of passionate fans, and my sister.

I uploaded a lot of footage from the concert! Please view the footage if you are a fan of Incubus! Unfortunately I couldn’t get all the songs because security asked me to put up my camcorder 😦

Here is a link the the YouTube channel! 


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