Lee’s Golden Buddah

Today a friend and I decided to spontaneously grab a snack. After minutes of deliberating we finally decided on “Golden Buddah” located on Cobb Parkway next to the Best Buy. I used to eat here all the time when I had a job around the area…but today was my first time here in about a year.


Upon entering the place we were greeted by the friendly staff and seated in a nice cozy spot next to the window. I was thinking Thai food but my friend Woo recommended that I try out some Korean food.


He recommended to me a noodle soup called Jung Bong. Fat noodles, shrimp,calamari, veggies, and a yummy spicy broth. All the ingredients in the dish created for a complex but delicious meal.


My buddy Woo ordered jajangmyeon. One bowl is a plain bowl fat noodles; in the other we have a bowl full of thick black soybean paste mixed in with lots of vegetables and seafood. When mixed together it becomes AWESOME.

Deceptively simple but amazing!


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